Zagreb county
- Zagrebačka županija is a county in central Croatia.

Named after the city of Zagreb, this county is very historic: its center, the city of Samobor has existed since 1242, and was one of the first tourist resorts in the region. Its population is 309,696 inhabitants (2001), and it's mostly considered as a metropolitan area of Zagreb.

Today the county is developing along with the nation's capital. Several towns, once villages, such as Zaprešić, Velika Gorica or Sesvete (which is administratively part of the city now), are latching onto Zagreb's nearby industrial zones and becoming larger than some of the centers of other counties. The outer rim contains recreational facilities for the residents of Zagreb.

The Zagreb county borders on the Krapina-Zagorje county, the city of Zagreb and Varaždin county in the north, Bjelovar-Bilogora county in the east, Sisak-Moslavina county in the south and Karlovac county in the southwest.